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Unit is a vehicle, machine, person, pet or any other moving or stationary object that can be controlled with the help of a GPS tracking system.

To work with units, open the Units panel, choosing a corresponding name in the top panel or clicking on the necessary item in the main menu customizer. Here you can see the list of units available to the current user. Displayed are the units available for tracking on the Monitoring panel.

On the 'Units' panel you can create (create from WLP), view, copy, edit, delete units, import/export their properties, and send SMS messages to them.

On the list, units are displayed in the alphabetical order. Besides, every unit has its own icon. To quickly find a necessary unit, apply the dynamic filter. Place a mouse cursor over unit to display its details in a tooltip: type, ID(s), phone number(s). This information is given only to users who have the access right Edit connectivity settings to unit.

Use the following buttons against each unit to perform standard actions over it:

  • — Send SMS to unit's SIM card. It can be a command or other type of message. SMS buttons are not displayed if this feature is not activated for the current user. If the button is dimmed, it means there is no phone number in unit properties or the current user has not enough rights to the unit. If two phone numbers are given in unit properties, choose one of them when the dialog of SMS sending opens. More about sending SMS messages…
  • — View or edit unit properties. To get the most efficient results both in reports and in online monitoring, unit should be set up correctly, in accordance with device type used, available sensors, and tracking tasks. Unit is configured in unit properties dialog that was described above. Depending on your access level, the dialog can contain up to 12 tabs which detailed description can be found in the following topics:
  • General,
  • Access to Unit,
  • Icon,
  • Advanced,
  • Sensors,
  • Custom Fields,
  • Unit Groups,
  • Commands,
  • Trip Detection,
  • Fuel Consumption,
  • Service Intervals.
  • — Create a copy of this unit.
  • — Delete a unit from the system completely. To do this, you need manage rights. If the button is dimmed, it means you do not have enough access (manage rights are required). Routes assigned to unit are deleted together with it.