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Gps Tracking Solutions
For the service industry

G4L knows service business' need to be especially cost-conscious. Whether its a towing company, landscape, plumbing, electrical or other industry, you can monitor and dispatch employees, save time and money, eliminate waste and lower insurance costs with GPS tracking for their service vehicle fleets.

  • Live Tracking with Streaming Data
  • Real Time Bread Crumb Trails
  • Complete Alerts & Notifications Delivery
  • Advanced Reporting Suite
  • Unlimited Customer Zones/Geofences

Service Industry

Maximize the productivity of utilities equipment and personnel with G4L precision LBS solution for utilities. Improve operations, optimize routes and improve disaster and storm response with high accountability. G4L precision LBS solution for utilities supports capacity planning, dispatch and work order process for improved productivity.

Features include:

Historical and Real Time Tracking
From any workstation, G4L GPS back-end software can plot not only the current location, but also the historical locations of an entire array of vehicles. Routes can be plotted and tracked specifically by user including automatic vehicle speed calculations and vehicle park and off notifications.

Alerts & Safety
In case of emergency, a panic button on a remote worker can be activated sending an instant visual and audible alert to your GPS Tracking Software. This alert can also be sent via instant message to a cellular phone in case none of your system users are near a computer. G4L GPS Solution gives remote workers and their colleagues peace-of-mind.

Complete Report Suite
Our GPS back-end has a robust reporting framework providing access to a wealth of data for streamlined operations and critical information gathering including driver safety, vehicle utilization and more.

Geo-fencing Without Limits
Spatial fences allow you to identify the location of objects in a certain geographic region.

Flexible User Defined Organizations
Our GPS Software allows you to subdivide your tracking operations into multiple divisions, physical offices, etc. Assign images and users in order to easily identify your organization’s hierarchy.

Language Support
Complete localization allow you to track mobile assets anywhere in the world. Each user can track in his or her own language.