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Frequently Asked Questions

Device Does Not Connect

This type of device is not supported in G4L. Write us at See the full list of supported devices.

No Parameter for a Sensor

What do I do if I can’t find a parameter for a sensor?

  1. Make sure your device can work with this sensor.
  2. Double-check all parameters. It is possible that the necessary parameter has another name. Usually, adcX stands for analogue inputs, inXfor digital inputs, outX for digital outputs. Some parameters can have prefixes like can_ (parameters for CAN bus).
  3. Some devices send sensor data in separate messages and not together with positional messages. In this case, you can either adjust device to send messages of this type or adjust a command in G4L to query such messages from time to time.
  4. If you are sure the sensor is compatible with your device, connected properly, and sends data to G4L, then write to with the request to support your sensor, and attach the latest version of the communications protocol for your device.
Protocol for a New Device

Is there a recommended protocol for manufacturers of GPS devices?

  • Your program or hardware (device) will be supported in G4L faster and more efficaciously if you use one of previously supported protocols.
  • For new devices, we recommend G4L IPS protocol.


Google and Yandex Addresses in Reports

Is it possible to have address information form Google or Yandex maps in reports?

  • No, only G4L Maps are located on our server. Google and Yandex Maps are located on exterior servers and can be used only for rendering (visualization). Getting data from exterior servers takes an excessively long time. Besides, such services do not allow the number of requests necessary for report generation.


Is it possible to activate INGIT Maps for G4L Hosting?

  • Unfortunately, not. INGIT Maps can be connected only to a client program. They do not fit for the web as their images are not static which means they cannot be split into squares (tiles).

Placing New Maps on G4L Hosting

What is the procedure to place a new map on G4L Hosting?

  • Send your request with attached map to If the map is too big to be sent by e-mail, you will be given FTP access. Supported map formats are: MP, MapInfo, ESRI Shape, OSM (OpenStreetMap).

Wrong Addresses

What can be done if incorrect addresses appear in reports or in search address tools?

  • As address information is taken form the map, a more accurate or modern map is required in such situations. You can send us such a map to Supported map formats are: MP, MapInfo, ESRI Shape, OSM (OpenStreetMap).

%ZONE% instead of Geofence Name

My notifications come with the text like that: Vehicle_001 left %ZONE%. At 2011-11-23 13:35:10 it moved with speed 74 kph near 'Seaside Park Hotel, Leipzig'. Why there is no geofence name?

  • The reason is that if you control exit from several geofences in one notification, it is impossible to detect which geofence exactly was left. To have geofence name in such type of notification, you should create a separate notification for each of those geofences.

Cannot Remove Access to a Unit

I removed access to a unit from a user, however, this unit remains available to this user.

  • A possible explanation is that the unit is included in a group to which the user has some access.

Error 'Your browser does not support cookies'

Why do I get the error “Apparently, your browser does not support cookies. Try again later'?

  • It is nothing critical. To login to the system, just press the Enter button once more.

Limit SMS Messages

How can I restrict the number of SMS messages that a user can send? For example, to 5 messages per day.

  • This limit can be set in CMS Manager. Go to the Account Properties dialog, the Features tab.

Notifications about Thefts

How can I get notified about fuel thefts when they happen?

  • Perform the following steps:
  1. Create a job with the type 'Send fuel information by e-mail or SMS'
  2. Choose 'Theft' as event type and set method(s) of delivery (е-mail and/or SMS).
  3. Select units to be under control.
  • Give the job a name and set execution schedule, e.g., once in 3 hours. :!:To receive SMS messages, a special service should be activated.
Problem Logging In Because of a 'Reported/suspected attack site!'

I cannot log in to the system. The error is: 'Reported/suspected attack site!'

To enter the system, press 'Ignore this warning' below and continue. Probably, attacks were noticed on the parent domain of your monitoring service and the parent site was added to the blacklist together with subordinated sites and pages. Report this situation to administrator of your site and ask them to unblock it.

Tracks with 'Stars' at Parkings

Why do 'stars' sometimes appear at the places of parkings?

  • The reason is a slight inaccuracy in coordinates sent by the tracker. It is normal for any type of equipment. This inaccuracy is appreciable particularly at parkings. A unit stays still, however, the coordinates sent by the tracker slightly differ from each other. That is why 'stars' appear at the places of parkings.
  • You may want to get rid of those 'stars' to make the track look more intelligible. To weed off the stars at parkings, apply the trip detector to that track:
    • When building a track in the Tracks panel or by quick track method, activate the checkbox 'Apply trip detector' in the Tracks panel.
    • When getting a track through reports, in the report template choose 'Trip routes' (and not 'All messages on map') to apply the trip detector.
  • :!:If you build a track in the Messages panel, the trip detector cannot be applied because that track shows all messages registered in unit's database.
Make sure that the trip detector is adjusted correctly. Additionally, you can activate the message validity

filter on the Advanced tab of unit properties.

Units Disappear from the Monitoring List

I add all available units to the Monitoring panel, but with each new session (login) the list is 2-3 units short again.

  • Apparently, the user has no right to change their settings. If the option 'Can change settings' is disabled in user properties, activate it for a while, then log in as this user and add all necessary units to the Monitoring list. After that, you can disable the option again.

Violations Are Not Registered

I created a notification with action to register a violation. The notification triggers but the violation is not registered. Why?

  • Possible cause is a lack of access to the unit. Required access flag is 'Manage events'. Check if the user (or rather the creator of the resource where the notification belongs) has such access.