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Keep Track Of Teens
Parents of teenagers know that it can be a tough game knowing exactly what their kids are doing with the family car. Teens often need to be monitored for bad driving habits and unauthorized use so that these actions can be addressed and corrected quickly.
Vehicle Rentals
Renting out an asset such as a car, truck or water craft is a profitable business. However, there are also many risks that are associated with such a business. Rental companies always need a system with which they can monitor their assets in case of theft, misappropriation or even an accident.
Fleets & Equipment
Companies with large fleets or large collections of expensive equipment often protect their assets with expensive insurance policies. Business owners are always looking for ways to lower the monthly fees that they pay to these insurance companies that can also be cost effective to their businesses.
Keep On An On Your Child
There is nothing more frightening than losing a child in a crowded mall or amusement park. As a parent or childcare professional, it is important to have a constant eye on a child, but when that child wanders away or the child is abducted, then what is a care giver to do about quickly locating and retrieving that child? We can help. Let us give you peace of mind with our safe and easy-to-use tracking devices.
Monitor The Elderly
Keeping track of an elderly adult is sometimes a challenge. Confusion and special health needs often require that the elderly be under constant surveillance to ensure their safety and security. In addition, if an elderly adult suffers from a fall or some other health related alignment. We can alleviate this concern with our tracking solutions.
Monitor Your Employees
Physical business assets often require constant surveillance, but important people also require surveillance. An organization, such as a large company or even a government, often needs solutions to track important people to ensure their safety.

Asset Monitoring

The asset tracking industry is a wide market ranging from teen tracking to monitoring the location of valuable possessions like water crafts, cars and more. G4L offers the features necessary to manage these assets, monitor driving performance, unauthorized usage and other significant processes.

      • Live Tracking with Streaming Data
      • Real Time Bread Crumb Trails
      • Complete Alerts & Notifications Delivery
      • Advanced Reporting Suite
      • Unlimited Customer Zones/Geo-fences