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Choose The Right GPS Tracking Solutions

For Your Needs

Guard 4 Life provides advanced GPS tracking solutions for service industries, asset monitoring and more. When you choose Guard 4 Life, you choose a company that ensures full disclosure of your company's items at all times. With a multitude of tracking devices, we are confident you will be impressed with our selection. Further, we strive to understand your business and assess which system is best suited for your unique needs.

So What Are The Benefits?

Ideal For Transportation
G4L offers a platform highly based on the transportation and logistics' needs.

Service Industry
The service industry is critical in delivering product, monitoring customer zones and more.

Monitor idle times, engine hours, job locations, etc to keep up with and manage all of your trucks and equipment.

Asset Monitoring
Monitoring your boats, trailers, containers, motorcycles and other valuable assets.


The M2M Management Platform & Dashboard simplifies the process of SIM provisioning and reduces the costs by enabling you to activate, suspend, or terminate the SIMs as required.


G4L offers a full re-branding of our software to other entrepreneurs and gps tracking companies. Our system was built with the independent business in mind who want to grow strong with lightning speed.


G4L brings their clientele base the absolute best in advanced hardware. Our product lines in digital devices for tracking and logistic are state-of-the-art and implemented with user-friendly capabilities.