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Let us help you change the way you run your business with our advanced GPS solutions.
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Having a reliable GPS-based tracking system is instrumental in operating any business successfully. Our advanced software monitors remote workers, fleet vehicles and other viable assets to increase your profits and protect your equipment. Take a moment to explore below and find the right solution for your company!

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Service Industry
Field Employees

G4L offers a platform highly based on the transportation and logistics' needs. With features that can monitor idle times, HOS, IFTA records, maintenance & more. So you can rest assured you will see improvements in security and profits!

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The service industry is critical in delivering product, monitoring customer zones, idle times, work hours and more. G4L's software is proven to be extremely effective in this industry.

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Heavy Equipment

Asset Monitoring
Teens, Boats & More

The construction industry is a high-cost asset industry. Monitoring idle times, engine hours, job locations, dispatch and more are vital in managing your trucks and equipment.

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G4L offers a wide range of asset tracking. From teen monitoring to managing boats, trailers, containers, motorcycles and more, we have a device and the right tools to help you manage these assets.

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